Which One is Better Surface Pro 4 or iPad Pro

Tablet PC has become one of the most popular types of gadget these days. You can find various types of tablet PC on the marketplace these days. The tablet PC also came in various choices of specifications and brand name as well. Tablet PC that you can find on the marketplace these days also came from various manufacturers.

When you want to buy tablet PC, sometimes you need to compare one tablet PC to another in order to find out which one that has better specifications and features. Sometimes you need to compare two tablet PCs with different brand name. Two of the most popular tablet PCs on the marketplace these days are iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4.

Specifications of Surface Pro 4 or iPad Pro

Surface Pro 4 is the tablet PC that came from Microsoft. On the other hand, the iPad Pro is the tablet PC from Apple. Both companies are known as two of the largest gadget manufacturers in the world these days. If you don’t know which one that you should choose, Surface Pro 4 or iPad Pro, you might need to compare them so that you can find the one that is suitable with your needs.

surface pro 4 or ipad pro

One of the aspects that you should compare is the specifications that device. The specifications that you need to compare are including the size of the screen, memory capacity, the type of processor that is used, the type of OS that is used, and the size of storage.

Buying guide

When you can’t decide you should choose Surface Pro 4 or iPad Pro, reading reviews might help you to make up your mind. These days you can find various reviews about tablet PC, including reviews that compare both device. Reading reviews might help you to get the information that you need about both gadgets so that you can choose in easier way.

How to Set Up WiFi Repeater and Remove the Obstacles

How to set up WIFI repeater gives a lot of functions one of them is optimizing its work performance. By the way, when do you need a repeater and is there any obstacle make it work slower? Master the brief ways of setting a WIFI repeater and get more information on this device. You will need all in this article although you just look for the way to set up in the earlier. Truly pay attention to each section if you want to utilize your device flawlessly.

Quick ways of How to set up a WIFI Repeater to invite a new network

It is not a secret anymore if the function of the WIFI repeater provides more than one network. At least, you can get two signal networks on your router. Thus, it helps you to get a good signal although you do not close to the WIFI device. So, how to set your WIFI repeater exists here just in some points:

set up wifi repeater

  •  Here, you do not use an Ethernet cable to connect because it is the wireless repeater.  Change this step by launching the program and enter the setup process. Use your SSID or your wireless network name. Besides that, you can use the available network. See on your PC to connect it if you still feel strange.
  • Next, you will see a display of the connection to the access point.
  • Fill the security details if there is a requirement like a password and a username. Truthfully, you can use an “automatic installation” as an alternative way.

Some obstacles can inhibit the performance

The greatness of the WIFI repeater within supporting the router does not need to doubt. It makes the router catches more than one signal network and coverage the entire home or office. However, some housewares or goods can inhibit the distribution of the WIFI signal. They are the active power cables, fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, stereo systems, and USB 3 devices. Besides that, cordless landline phones, bulletproof glass, plaster, and concrete include the Inhibitors.

wifi repeater

Honestly, you can set up your non-wireless repeater in several steps. It will be the next discussion, perhaps. The most important thing is you can place the repeater in the right place. It closes to the router and keeps far away from the obstacles. As long as you can set it up to your problem about the WIFI signal is not a problem anymore. Stay at home with your gadget wherever you have a special area to relaxed or work. Work from home, please.

How to Factory Reset iPhone 5s Without iTunes Easily

Sometimes, the user of iPhone 5 will ask about how to factory reset iPhone 5s without iTunes to solve something. Don’t you know that some of the major problems on iPhone 5 have a solution through factory reset only?

Highlight of how to factory reset iPhone 5s without iTunes

The factory reset is the condition where the phone will be set as it is. It means that you will make the phone’s condition just like when you first time to touch it. As its name, it means to bring all the phone settings into factory’s set.

factory reset iphone 5s

It is useful because can help several problems. Resolve phone’s malfunction is the first reason. There is some case where the solution of the phone’s problem that can be solved by the factory reset only. This factory reset will also help you to delete the virus and damage files.

The last, it will be useful to delete your personal information. Before you sell the phone, this factory reset method is a significant way that you should do.

Factory reset with password

It is the explanation on how to factory reset iPhone 5s without iTunes is the one that uses the password. It is the simplest method that you will find to do the factory reset.

reset iphone 5s

To begin, you can start to go to the Settings menu. Then, scroll down until you find the General menu. The next step is to know the Reset menu.

reset apple phone 5s

After that, find the menu Erase All Content and Setting. Tap it and enter your password. Once you enter the right password, it will delete all of your data and restore the device setting. And done, you are successful in making it as it’s a new condition.

Additional information

Before you do that, make sure that you already back up the iPhone. You can use many things to back your data. As an example, you can return all of your files, documents, photos and videos in iTunes, iCloud or Google Drive. Another app that you can use to back up is iOS Data Backup and Restore on the computer. By back the data up, you will not lose your necessary files if you successfully do this reset factory.

If you want to back up the data through iTunes, iCloud and Google Drive, you can find the option in your Settings menu. Find the backup and restore menu there. Now, you can follow the simple steps above on how to factory reset iPhone 5s without iTunes quickly.

How to Fix Dell Laptop Keyboard Not Working Easily

Laptop keyboard not working will be the most annoying problem for you. It will really take your time to work with. For your information, actually this problem can be fixed by yourself. There are some steps you can try at home. Then, there are a lot of professionals who fix their keyboards by replacing the entire parts of keyboard. They only need some minutes to know and identify what’s going on with their keyboards. Below is the simple steps to fix Dell laptop keyboard not working.

fix dell laptop keyboard not working

Besides that, if you still have Dell warranty, you can bring it to the customer support of Dell. So, they can help you to fix it free. Then, how to fix Dell keyboard problem at home? If you want to know about them, you can keep reading below. This article is going to discuss about them. Let’s check reading below and find your best reference here.

Fixing Dell laptop keyboard not working- Steps part 1

One of the common problems with Dell keyboard is the loose key. How to fix it? First of all, you can turn off your laptop. Then, you have to unplug it well. For your information, repairing the keyboard of laptop is not harmful for you. But, it will be better idea for you to take such precautions before repairing it at home.

This is the second way you can use to repair the loose key. You can continue repairing by removing the key cap of your laptop. Most the loose keys can be removed easily. You only need to wig them gently in order to unhook the keyboard. Or, you can repair it by levering the key cap on the corner side by using the screwdriver with flat head.

remove laptop keycaps

The third way for you to fix the loose key is by checking the attachment point on it. All the key caps have the base part. There will be four attachments you can find on this part. You can find them on the keyboard below where the key clips are. You can check them closely for finding the broken attachment. After that, you can continue checking them until everything well done. If you cannot find them, you can take screwdriver by levering out their corner side. Then, you can compare them each other.

Fixing keyboard not working- Steps part 2

Now, you will continue repairing by replacing the broken key cap. Sometimes, there are some attachments points broken on your keyboard. How to fix it? Of course, you will need the new key. How to get it? Well, you can purchase them online. Then, you have to make sure that they can match your laptop type or model. Then, you have to also match their location.

How to replace the new key? You can hook one the key attachment point. Then, you can easily rub your finger on the key. You can do it until two loud snaps appeared. Meanwhile for finding the alternative step, you can remove the same size of key. Then, you can place them on the right position. Finally, those are all some steps to fix Dell laptop keyboard not working.